Employee awards and Achievements

Idea of the Month : 


Sr. No Teachers Name Month Idea
1 Mr.Anup Panikar Jan-17 Implement the Aarya Individual Educational Plan
2 Mr.Dadasaheb Aadhatrao Feb-17 Start Aarya School Competitive Exams
3 Mrs. Suhasini Mulik Kunale Mar-17 Start Aarya junior Scientist Award for the Students
4 Mrs. Vaishali Gaikwad Apr-17  
5 Mrs. Nilofar Shaikh Mulani May-17 Start a Nursery to get the real experience of Work Education
6 Mr. Rohit Kapare Jun-17 Start NSS in the School
7 Mrs Priya Shingade Ijgude Jul-17 Start Suggestion Box for Students and Parent
8 Mr. Rahul Somase Aug-17 Start Doubt Classes For the Students
9 Mr.Anwar Mulani Sep-17 Appoint a Psycologist for the Students to solve the adollecent problems
10 Mrs. Nafisa Jahagirdar Oct-17 Ceate Awareness about Disaster Management
Mr.Dadasaheb Aadhatrao   Celebrate Swachata Din Once in a Month
11 Mrs. Pramila Magar Nov-17 Statrt Meditation in the School
12 Mr. Ratnadip Surve Dec-17 Organise a Seminar for the students to create awareness about the Addiction
13 Mrs. Priya Shingade Ijgude Jan-18 Paste the Posters of Save Girl, Save Water, Save Nature in the campus to create the awarenes about the social responsibilities amnog the students
Mr. Fayaz Mulla Paste the Good Thoughts in School Campus
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